Asian Ceramics

Asian Ceramics magazine was launched in 1997 as the first monthly magazine totally dedicated to the ceramic manufacturing and supply industries from Turkey through the Middle East, Russia, the sub-continent and right on to the Far East and South East Asia. Over 35 countries get our constant analysis, whilst manufacturers and industry suppliers worldwide benefit from our in-depth coverage of the globe’s most important ceramics manufacturing base.

However, it is not only the focus of our coverage that is unique, itis the information we provide that stands out Asian Ceramics as the industry’s leading information provider.

Our basic principle has always been:

“the delivery of quality information that can directly affect your business performance”

We enforce that with our international spread of journalists and analysts, each focused on bringing market-focused articles direct to your desk. Not press releases sent in by companies seeking free promotion, but proper, dedicated industry reporting.

Whether it is sanitaryware demand from the Middle East, tile markets in Russia or tableware opportunities in the middle of China, Asian Ceramics is always at the forefront: bringing you the information you need to make your company successful.

The magazine was taken over by Bowhead Media Ltd in 2007 and since then has been expanded to include an even greater range of data delivery services, products and options for companies wanting to investigate the ceramic industries of Asia still further. For more information on our ever-expanding portfolio, click through to the “Data Bank”.

Editorial Comment:
our take on the big issues of the month
Across the Continent:
news views and developments from across Asia
International News:
major market happenings from outside the continent
Market Features:
the bulk of every issue: market leading, commercially-focused industry analysis! Check out our editorial schedule to see what our team is investigating in depth over the next 12 months.
Trade Analysis:
production, imports, prices, exports and more focused on and dissected each issue from all over Asia
Industry Interviews:
behind the scenes investigation and candid exchanges with the continent’s leading players. When Asia’s manufacturers speak….they speak to Asian Ceramics
Travel Notes:
The next six months of travel and exhibitions
Material Matters:
Raw material market and price news – a hugely important factor in the prof
itability of your company
Industry Observation:
our “William Hunter” column is an industry favourite; providing an alternative view on some of the issues surrounding the industry in Asia, from design to labour law; trade to protectionism

A subscription to Asian Ceramics puts you into the privileged position of knowing you have the most incisive, independent market information at your fingertips. Why read anything else?

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