Asian Ceramics


Sanitaryware from Turkey
Yogender Malik looks at how Turkey’s booming sanitaryware industry is poised to take advantage of the growing demand from across the Middle East and eastern Europe.

Heavy clay industries of Vietnam
Jahir Ahmed examines how a resurgence in building material consumption augurs well for Vietnam’s brick and roof tile manufacturers…

Zibo tiles: an industry under pressure
In the last of a raft of measures issued by the Zibo authorities, the tile industry of the region is staring at an enforced reduction of some 60% in its tile capacity. How can these be brought about? AC finds out…

The end of TPP
In a series of tweets and sweeping presidential decrees, Donald J. Trump has disbanded what many expected to be one of the cornerstones of future trade within Asia Pacific – notably, the Trans-Pacific-Partnership deal, or TPP. AC looks at how Vietnam could be the most affected…

54 MLCC: cost effective strategies
AC looks at how capacitor makers across the continent are looking to maximize their market opportunity as consumption continues to grow.

Talking Shop
AC reveals on-going research into the replacement of the firing aspect of ceramics manufacture with high pressure production techniques and asks if such a process can ultimately become commercially viable.

Analysis and insight into USA

Hunter and Hunted
William continues to surf on his tide of optimism for 2017 and questions if outsourcing can be reversed as the developed economies turn back to manufacturing.

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"Unlike conventional bricks, red brick walls take a very long time to burn."
See p.38

"The smuggling of tiles has reached 50 per cent of the local production capacity"
See p.43

"Unfortunately brick kilns have poor reputations in this part of the world."
See p.50

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