Asian Ceramics


ASEAN tableware design
Jahir Ahmed looks at how South East Asia’s tableware manufacturers are responding to the design challenges being thrown down, literally, by Europe’s leading players and turning dining into more of an art…

Iranian whiteware costs
Yogender Malik looks at how Iran’s whiteware sector, and particular its tableware, is benefiting from greater exposure to the global market and an increasingly competitive cost base.

Vietnamese tiles
Jahir Ahmed looks at how Vietnam’s rapidly expanded tile industry has managed to ride out the bumps in the domestic market, and is now gearing itself for a major new phase of growth.

China: a mid-year review
AC looks at how a continuing lag in the Chinese ceramic market is having a subsequent effect on the country’s trading performance globally.

Talking Shop
AC talks to Franck Tarena (FT) - Strategy, New business, Innovation & Marketing Director and Luc Bourgy (LB)- Technology Manager Raw Materials and Ceramics Applications at raw material giant, Imerys Ceramics, about the latest trends in raw materials.

Analysis and insight into Italian technology

Hunter and Hunted
William steps down the new Silk Road and finds that not all routes are pathways to glory…

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"Unlike conventional bricks, red brick walls take a very long time to burn."
See p.38

"The smuggling of tiles has reached 50 per cent of the local production capacity"
See p.43

"Unfortunately brick kilns have poor reputations in this part of the world."
See p.50

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