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Tile production costs p.1
In this, the first of our two-part review into tile production costs in key markets across the continent, Yogender Malik tunes the microscope onto India, Egypt and Turkey and looks at how these three key export bases are keeping their competitive edge.

Yogender Malik looks at how expanding consumption rates and the possibility of extending export markets could lead to a drive in investment and expansion in the ceramic tile industries of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

The changing face of Asian heavy clay
Jahir Ahmed looks at how Asia’s brick industries are finally, under increasing pressure from environmental legislation and ever-increasing emissions control, are beginning to face the realities of greater automation as a means of moving into the modern era.

Province Profile: Sichuan
In the latest of our exclusive Chinese Province Profiles, we turn our attention to Sichuan – a region that has embraced natural gas faster than anywhere else, and has adapted its production line composition to get set for the challenges ahead.

The winners and losers of GST
AC looks at how the changing taxation regime that came into force at the end of 2017 has impacted India’s ceramics manufacturers, and how steps are being taken to address any major disadvantages.

Talking Shop
AC gets an exclusive interview with one of the industry’s leading lights, RAK Ceramics, and discusses how, amongst other developments, the implementation of high-pressure casting systems is becoming a requirement for companies who want to stay ahead of the crowd.

Analysis and insight into Thailand.

Hunter and Hunted
William abandons his usual tone, and turns his attention to the ever-evolving demands on glaze opacity, particularly in light of new entrants into the zircon opacifier market.

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"Unlike conventional bricks,red brick walls take a very long time to burn."
See p.38

"The smuggling of tiles has reached 50 per cent of the local production capacity"
See p.43

"Unfortunately brick kilns have poor reputations in this part of the world."
See p.50

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