Asian Ceramics


Well, I guess if someone had told me, back in the middle of 1996 that the magazine I was being asked to plan and set-up would be an industry giant some 20 years later, I would probably have thought they had enjoyed a long lunch…with an emphasis on the liquid side of things.

But, as we enter October 2017, Asian Ceramics (AC as it is just as widely known), chalks up its 20th anniversary. For the last two decades, since our launch issue at Ceramitec in October 1997, we have reported on the market dynamics of the world’s most exciting, and indeed dominant, ceramics manufacturing region.

For many of the companies that we have talked about, and the sectors in which they have – and continue – to operate, we have virtually put them on the map and I sit in my office today, proud of what the team have achieved in this great run. I have been fortunate enough to work with nearly 50 different skilled journalists and marketeers, organisers and designers throughout my time steering this ship, and as we sit here today with the current team, we can look forward to the years to come and the challenges and events they will put in front of us with great anticipation.

Who, for example, 20 years ago would have predicted the rise of Gujarat? Well…in the early 2000's we did actually! From a region that was hardly known, we brought it to the world's attention not just through our reports and articles, but also by founding and developing the continent's most rapidly growing ceramics exhibition – Indian Ceramics. Of course the latter is now in the very capable hands of Messe Muenchen following our sale of it to them four years ago, but we remain firmly on the hunt for the next ‘Gujarat’.

AC has always been an innovator in terms of its style, content and the places it goes. From an office in London and Singapore, we have morphed into a multi-base Asian journalistic offering, but with our roots and headquarters still firmly in the UK. Whether under the umbrella of publishing giants, as we were at the start, or now, under the auspices of a more specialized publisher – Bowhead Media, which we founded 10 years ago to provide a new owner for the entire suite of our activities – our commitment to reporting on the continent has never wavered.

So for once, if you’ll excuse the bit of navel-gazing, we will pat ourselves on the back, raise a glass to the AC brand and wish it continued dominance in doing and reporting on the right thing. We have a number of plans already lined up for the coming years, and as we enter our third decade, we will begin to drip these through.

Finally though, I need to say one big thank-you to you, the reader, advertiser and supporter. Our role is to facilitate exchange, and without your continued backing, whether financial or from an info-provision sense, our job would be that much harder. You have all played a part in building this brand, and we see each and everyone of you as part of an extended team. I look forward to working with you all for many years to come.

In the meantime…happy reading!


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