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It is with great sadness that we kick-off this issue with the news of the pasing of former ACIMAC leader, Mr Ivanno Ligabue. From a personal perspective, I had always found this gentleman to be one of the most welcoming members of the ceramics industry. When I, as a young editor, went to my first Tecnargilla with the nascent Asian Ceramics tucked under my arm way back in the late 1990s, I will always recall how he gave up so much time to give me an interview for what was then a brand new magazine. His patience, as my questions were superbly translated by Dr Paola Giacomini, simply reinforced his status as a consummate, industrial leader. Of course, others have known him far more than myself;

“Ivanno Ligabue had the typical brilliance of a great generation of entrepreneurs coupled with a natural warmth and charisma that enabled him to build authentic human relationships based on respect and mutual esteem. And thanks to his charming, straightforward nature, he would frequently conclude a discussion or institutional event with a joke and a smile.” With these words, ACIMAC director Paolo Gambuli paid tribute to the well-known entrepreneur from Sassuolo who died on Wednesday, June 8th at the age of 67 after a long illness.

The founder and guiding force of the company LB and of ACIMAC, of which he was chairman during 1996-2000, Ligabue was one of the key players behind the rise of the Italian ceramic machinery industry, distinguishing himself as one of the most capable, brilliant and charismatic entrepreneurs in the Sassuolo district.

“Ivanno will be remembered for the enormous contribution he made to our industry’s world leadership position,” confirmed Fabio Tarozzi, chairman of ACIMAC. “We worked together for many years on the association’s executive boards, where he always enlivened discussions with his wit, intelligence and humour. He achieved great business success by being the first to understand that what our customers purchase is an idea for a finished product rather than just a machine. He helped the ceramic industry make a big step forward by focusing on constant innovation and the aesthetic value of products.”

All of us here at Bowhead Media ltd would like to extend their deepest sympathy to his wife Giovanna Ferrari, children Edoardo and Serena and son-in-law Emilio Benedetti.


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