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Indian sanitaryware industry overview

In recent years, its ceramic sanitaryware industry has grown rapidly as a result of rising population, rising income, and rapid urbanisation. Yogender Singh Malik explores India’s sanitaryware industry in this feature…..

Swachh Bharat Mission and Indian sanitaryware

A major demand driver for sanitaryware in India in recent years decades has been Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Yogender Singh Malik discusses its impact on the country’s sanitaryware….

South Asian tableware demand and supply

As a result of domestic and international shocks, the South Asian tableware industry is bracing for more fierce competition. Rohan Gunasekera reports….

Asian semiconductor dominance

The Asian semiconductor industry continues to consolidate its global leadership position. Jahir Ahmed, in an insightful piece, points out how Singapore, Vietnam, and India will strengthen Asian command.…

Kiln furniture demand and development

Increasing fuel costs and lowering emissions push kiln furniture suppliers to offer lightweight, durable and energy efficient products, says Rohan Gunasekera.…

TECH FOCUS: Decarbonising Asia’s ceramics industry

Keeping access to key markets such as Europe requires Asia’s ceramic industry to decarbonise faster, owing to trade barriers such as carbon taxes, states Rohan Gunasekera. .…


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Talking Shop

In its capacity as the association of Italian ceramics companies, Confindustria Ceramica provides representation, support, information, and coordination among its members. In a special interview with Asian Ceramics, Giovanni Savorani, chairman of Confindustria Ceramica, discusses the industry’s future…..

Insider View

Ceramic industry development in the subcontinent has defied logic for many years now, but does it now require a new focus? Asian Ceramics special correspondent Andy Skillen explores the issue…


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