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ISSUE: AC19-10

Asian Ceramics North African tiles

Yogender Malik examines how the ceramic industries of Northern Africa, with their links to southern European markets, growth in the Middle East and soaring domestic demand driven by governmental infrastructural investment, are positioning themselves as a major force for the new decade…

Sri Lankan tableware

Rohan Gunasekera looks at how the country’s ceramic tableware sector is emerging into a new period of optimism following a lengthy time of procrastination and indecision.

Bangladesh v India: a sanitaryware choice?

Jahir Ahmed looks at the differing market machinations and approaches from two of the continent’s most prominent sanitaryware makers and emerging consumers and looks at the different approaches taken by each…

Brick evolution in Pakistan

Pressure continues to be heaped internationally, and now domestically, on Pakistan’s clay brick sector as cleaner technologies are increasingly demanded. Will the country’s industry finally shake off its reputation as one off forced labour and environmental degradation?

State of the Nation: Gujarat

The first of a new section in the magazine, analysing the manufacturing bases of India.




Stephen Schmidt


Also in the issue…

Talking Shop

With the Bangladesh Ceramic Expo breaking all attendance records, our Southeast Asian Editor, Jahir Ahmed, asked some of the exhibitors how they felt the industry there was developing…


Analysis and insight into the Vietnam

In Advance: The Philippines

A new focus on the technical ceramics industry: this month, the Philippines.

The Trade Matrix

A new analytical section on trade trends: this issue, US sanitaryware imports

Hunter and Hunted

William Hunter reflects on the year and wonders if investment in emerging economies is the mantra for a new decade?


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