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Kiln furniture supply and demand

Sanitaryware and tableware growth is leading the more confident kiln furniture makers to extend their reach and expand capacity. Rohan Gunasekera looks at the impact this may have on the supply-demand dynamic.

Bangladesh and China find ceramics accord

Jahir Ahmed looks at how an initial uneasy tolerance of Chinese imports into Bangladesh has evolved into solid investment in manufacturing facilities within the country.

Pollution: a squeeze on output?

China’s intention to change the global perception of its manufacturing sector has seen the kind of legislation and regulation imposed in one swoop that only a political regime such as the one that dominates the Peoples Republic can afford to do. However, as the regulations and offences mount, and costs rise, will there be a knock-on effect for the global supply chain?

Brexit: the challenge for imports

We all know it’s going to happen, we all (sort of) know when it’s going to happen….but what all of us, including 40 or so governments across the European continent, don’t seem to know is what on earth it’s going to mean to the ceramics industry. AC looks at the possibilities…


Esmalglass S.A.


PCL Ceramics Ltd


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Talking Shop

Recognising that green materials will be an inevitable market trend, a lot of businesses have decided to “step in,” first by renovating production facilities, equipment, and technology, as well as developing a team of specialised staff to produce green products that can meet certain environmental standards. AC looks at how Vietnam in particular is leading the charge…


Analysis and insight into China

Hunter and Hunted

William Hunter kicks back and wonders if China’s inkjet issues and the problems of over-supply are all too familiar and predictable…


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