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Asian Ceramics Bangladesh tiles

In the last ten years, the tile industry of Bangladesh has seen a dramatic increase. As demand for product continues to rise, Jahir Ahmed asks if the sector will attract even more investment, or if it will become an increasing export target for others in the region…

Turkish sanitaryware

Geographically advantageous, and with a heavily, technically invested manufacturing base, Turkey’s sanitaryware sector continues to evolve into a global powerhouse. However, with a slowdown in the EU, will the country’s leading players look further afield to maximise their output? Yogender Malik investigates…

Tableware trading

Rohan Gunasekera discusses how the continent’s tableware manufacturers are taking a range of differing approaches to distributing product as market machinations compel a more fluid approach…

The scourge of brick pollution

Making bricks is serious business in Bangladesh. While exact numbers are hard to come by, estimates suggest the industry there employs more than one million people who churn out 23 billion bricks each year at some 7,000 kilns. However, new reports are focusing on the damage the sector is causing as AC finds out…

Sibelco Europe

Asia Materials Resources Limited


PCL Ceramics Ltd

Gruppo TecnoFerrari SpA

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Talking Shop

Moynul Islam, Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Ceramic Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BCMEA) and Vice Chairman of leading tableware manufacturer, Monno Ceramic Industries Ltd, explains about the potential of BCMEA’s exhibition and Bangladesh as a hub to Asian Ceramic’s Southeast Asia Editor Jahir Ahmed.


Analysis and insight into Indonesia

Hunter and Hunted

William Hunter pulls up his chair, gazes out of the window at a sodden Chinese landscape, and wonders when, not if, the real estate bubble will burst…


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