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Sanitaryware firing techniques

The firing techniques deployed by Asia’s sanitaryware manufacturers are not just critical in determining their overall factory efficiency, but also in the product ranges they can supply. As the need for larger pieces grows, how are factories responding to the increased quality and technical demands?

Pakistan: a brave new dawn

With soaring imports continuing to put enormous pressure on Pakistan’s domestic ceramics manufacturers, this country of immense potential has often been deemed a “basket case”. However, are policies finally having a positive effect and turning the corner?

Gujarat: a great leap forward

Yogender Malik looks at how the often troubled powerhouse ceramics sector of Gujarat has taken stock of its more mature market position, and is working towards the next great leap forward…

China’s African ambition

Over the last 10 years, the Chinese influence in African industry has been steadily growing. In the last three however, it has exploded, and the current trajectory is that the People’s Republic will be the largest investor on the continent within 2-3 years, surpassing the USA. AC looks at whether or not the fears of such rapid growth are truly founded.

Beijing Trend



Stephen Schmidt

Zircon Minerals Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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Talking Shop

AC looks at how Nigeria’s ceramic imports are set to soar and yet chaos reigns in the development of the country’s own vast, natural resources.


Analysis and insight into Malaysia

Hunter and Hunted

William Hunter shrugs his shoulders as another exhibition visitor pass falls into the bin…


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